Wedding Manicures

The engagement season started a few weeks ago.  One niece and two ladies from work all became engaged in a few weeks of one another.

Wedding season is awesome!  It sure beats the hell out of the winters of divorce!  Doesn’t that sound like a movie, or a television show?  ‘Now is the time for the winters of our divorce…’

Moving on past my buckets of strangeness, and onto manicures!

wedding1I love stamping!

It took me more than a few tries (and a few stampers) to become comfortable stamping.  I am still not a super stamper, but I am getting there!

Here in the picture on the left, I am wearing Lucky Lacquer in Hera, stamped using Rica’s Blackout and UberChic’ Love & Marriage plate, topped with Rica’s Glossy Glam. The idea for this mani is from twi_star on Instagram!

I know this is not a traditional wedding mani, but I thought it was nice, and a little more grown up.

wedding3I know many people love a classic french manicure for weddings, regardless of whether you are the bride or attendant or any ole’ guest.

To me, this manicure screams, BRIDE!

I started with Essie’s sugar daddy.  The tip and the lace was done in Rica’s Whiteout.  The stamp design is from UberChic stamping plate #1-3, and was topped in China Glaze Fairy Dust!


wedding2My last wedding manicure for today is a little something different from me.

All stamping designs are from UberChic’ Love & Marriage plate.  The baby pink is from Peachtree Polish called Pink Dogwood, and the stamping was done by Rica’s Pink Cloud.  The manicure was topped first by China Glaze’s Fairy Dust then Rica’s Glossy Glam.

What the theme of today’s manicures?  Besides weddings, it is Rica Stamping Polishes are freaking awesome!!  I mean crazy good!  I am on my second bottles of Rica’s Whiteout and Blackout.  The polish is extremely opaque and super wicked awesome good for stamping!!  Go to the site and check them out – Rica !

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… NOT!

Okay, it was 75 degrees today.  I live in Atlanta, y’all.  We have winter.  Now, it does not snow up to your whoo hoooo, but it gets cold.  We wear jackets, and hats and gloves.  Right now, my air conditioning is on!!!

At least my nails are season appropriate!!


Ohhhhhh!  I love how this turned out!  Now, I did not do one single plan or brainstorm about this manicure!  So, of course it turned out fabulous!

I started with Zoya’s PixieDust in Nyx.

Can I just say the first PixieDust polishes are so lovely and classy, compared with the super chunky and lunky later PixieDust polishes?  I am super glad I purchased nearly every single one of the first PixieDust polishes!

The next day, I added some snow flakes from my newest and most loved stamping plates by UberChic.

I used the UberChic stamping plate Christmas-01 with Rica’s stamping polish in Whiteout.

Do you like?  I like!!  I need to do a few more holiday type manicures!

Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish

I love when a new indie comes out of the gate with something special!  Say hello to Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish!   Or as I refer to them as, ‘PCNP.’

I purchased the entire Holiday Glitz & Shine Collection.  And there is not a stinker in the bunch!  First, check out the packaging…


How cute is this?

My mom saw this and said it looked like it came from the Pioneer Woman!

How perfect is this? The package of polish included some poetry, which I found to be way cooooool.  And how can I not dig the decals?  Boots and cowboy hats? Genius!

Let’s get to the polish…pix2

Ohhhhh…… You must include a great gold polish in any holiday collection (or any collection for that matter!).

PCNP did a great job with Ornament Dust.  I used one coat using the brush, then I used a make up sponge application for ‘maximum glitter pay-off.’  This process allows for more glitter, less polish.   I love the different glitters in this polish!  Cheap glitter polishes use one shape and one color of glitter.  This polish has lots of shapes and different colors shimmer right off the nail.  Swoon worthy!!


Onto the red polish, called Santa’s New Suit.   Side note, the name of this polish causes me to hear “Papa’s got a brand new bag,’ in my head.  Don’t ask me why…

Jelly!!  Does anyone else think this polish is very ‘jelly-sandwhich’ like?  The jelly base, the glitters, I love it!!  And red is not a good color for me because I have such a ruddy complexion but this works for me!


pix1Now, anyone who knows me is aware of my blue polish problem.  I cannot stop buying it!!

I love this blue, Festival of Lights, it is a shimmery blue which at first coat is very sheer!

Best part of this collection so far, I do not have any polish that is at all similar to Santa’s New Suit or Festival of Lights!!  Score!!

Stay tuned for the last three polishes of the collection, some time later this week.   There is a rich evergreen, a cool white and a funky green!!

See y’all soon!!

OPI’s best 2015 Collection

Okay, I have seen the latest OPI Collection, Starlight.  I am not thrilled.  There was not even one color that sent me into a polish frenzy.  Very disappointing.

I blame the very awesome Venice Collection.

So many wonderful options, here is the latest manicure featuring those lovelies…


I used Be There in a Prosecco, Gelato on My Mind and Worth a Pretty Penny.

I used Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat.

I also used Neverland Lacquer’s French Vinyls.   I adore these colors!!  I love this collection!

Although, a word… The Hello Kitty Collection is out!!!  And I must have them all!!  If nothing else have your seen those cute bottles!!   I do not think this collection is available in the United States yet.

But they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!!


I bet you are thinking, ‘wtf?’

I love the monthly nail polish box done by Pipe Dream Polish, Bliss Polish and Love, Angeline Polish.  These three awesome indies invite a ‘guest polish maker’ each month to add the fourth bottle to the box.  October’s box featured a new brand to me, Drip Drop Polish.


Purple Potion by Drip Drop Polish is so lovely, it took my breath away!

It is a purple-ish, blue-ish polish with glitter.

I had to take this photo in the sun, because it really shows it off!!

This was my first Drip Drop Polish, and you can bet it won’t be my last!!

Twinkled T – new vinyls!

I love a good sale, who doesn’t?  But what really gets my motor running? Twinkled T’s grab bag sale!!  Once in awhile Twinkled T does a grab bag, and ladies, these grab bags are a-mazing!!  Not only did I receive sheets and sheets of vinyls, my grab bag included two stamping plates and some charms.


I was thrilled to discover some heart cyclone vinyls.  I wanted a polish which was deserving of these cute vinyls.  I chose one of my fall favorites, Purple Palazzo Pants  from OPI’s Venice Collection and KB Shimmer’s PT Young Thing.

I love these colors together, even though the effect is a little subtle unless you really look at my nails.

I still received more than a few compliments on this mani.



The next time I try this manicure, I think I will use a dark polish with KB Shimmer’s PT Young Thing.  Maybe a navy, or black…

I decided to take photos in my light box AND outside.  Although I love taking pictures in nature light, I still enjoy using my light box.  Especially at 11:45 at night.

And I do have a tendency to do nail art late at night.  But to my husband’s dismay.   He is always afraid I am not getting enough sleep.  What a honey to worry about me!!

Hope you like it!

New Nail Polish – Polished by Alexandra!

Insta-crack, or as it is called Instagram, is a great way to find new nail polish trends and indie polish brands.


I have THREE new indie brands, but we are starting with Polished by Alexandra.  I ordered her new collection, Seaside Carnival Collection.  I received my purchase two days after I ordered!  And no, I did not pay for express shipping.  I have found small indie brands are usually ship very quickly!  From left to right, I ordered Peach Salt Water Taffy, Cotton Candy Sunsets, Minty-Go-Round and Boardwalk Breeze.  And I received a free lip balm!!  I love free stuff, especially when I know I will use it!!


This collection was a great change of pace! As much as I love those summer neons, I was thrilled to see this creamy summer collection!

All four polishes had super, highly pigmented color (I hate when I think I am getting opaque polishes and I receive sheer offerings).  The formula was great!!  I had no problems, and BONUS – I could water marble with the colors!  Whomp! Whomp!

My hand went straight to Minty-Go-Round as soon I opened the package of goodies!  I was not disappointed!  I loved the way this color looks!  So fresh and pretty!!

I am dying to use this color again, but I want to stamp a ivory on top.  I think that would be super feminine and pretty.


My next polish was the lovely Peach Salt Water Taffy! This is a very cool color! Peach, with a healthy supply of cream really gives this color a shot of something a little different from your run of the mill peaches. It is a creamy peach goodness!!

The formula again, was super!  I used three coats, but I think I could have gotten away with two.  I am just a three coat gal.



My next polish was the lovely Peach Salt Water Taffy!  This is a very cool color!  Peach, with a healthy supply of cream really gives this color a shot of something a little different from your run of the mill peaches.  It is a creamy peach goodness!!

I was pretty sure these colors would work well together, but holy hell – don’t you love the Peach Salt Water Taffy and Cotton Candy Sunsets! I did a gradient (or what I pass for a gradient) using these colors, and then added a very cool cyclone vinyl.



But, I saved the best for last!  I adored this last manicure!  I love the color of Boardwalk Breeze!  I could not resist trying to do a water marble!  And I need to practice my skills, but I was happy with the way my ring finger turned out!  And I added that old favorite, TGNAC (This Gown Needs a Crown) by OPI on my index finger!

I made a commitment this summer to only purchase indie polishes.   Besides getting cool polishes, you are supporting great ladies and their businesses!!  Go check out Alexandra at  Polished by Alexandra !!


Snake Vinyls

 snake1I need a support group!!  I cannot stop using these nail vinyls! I adore this look!

Okay, on my pinky and ring finger, you see that newest Orly favorite, Mirrorball.  Dude, I could not find this polish anywhere in town!  Had to order it from amazon.

The pink and green are both from OPI’s Hawaii Collection.  Pink is Suzi Shops and Island Hops, and the green polish is That is Hularious.

The snake vinyl is from that amazing sister team,  Twinkled T.


B Squared EDM Collection

bsquare pyramid

I have purchased more than a few polishes from B Squared. I have been very happy with all my polishes. The latest collection, EDM, is awesome for summer!

Here is a shot of the entire collection – (start at the top, then left to right) Trance, Kandi, Rave, Plur, The Drop and Down Tempo.

Formula is perfection!  I tend to use three coats for all polishes, but on a few of the polish you might be able to get full coverage with two coats.  The colors are so rich and full of pigment, no need for a white base (I am looking at you OPI, last year’s neon collection!).  blue1

My first manicure with this collection was done with Down Tempo!

I added two accent nails, using Cyclone Vinyls from Twinkled T and my old standby This Gown Needs a Crown (OPI).


This is a very quick and simple manicure!

I used Trance and Plur.  Nothing fancy, but that Trance really pops against Plur, doesn’t it?

neon part2

The next manicure was done with another of my old standbys, OPI’s Don’t Bossa Nova Me as a base.  then I used Trance and Kandi.  These nails were done with Vinyls from Nailvinyls by Linda, I adore the right angle vinyls.

Of course, as the photo shows, I used HK Girl by Glisten & Glow for my top coat.

neon4My last manicure from this collection!

I used Plur, Rave and Kandi.  And I used the same right angle vinyls from Nailvinyls by Linda, and I used the same right angle vinyls.

And of course, same awesome top coat by Glisten & Glow.

These polishes tend to sell out, so if you are interested, make sure you are following B Sqaured!!

Nail Growth!

As I stated in a previous post, as much I adore BlissKiss™ Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil, it does not work if you don’t take it out of the kitchen cabinet!

nakednailsSo, I have made a commitment to my little nubs, to use my nail oil on a more regular basis.

Every time I change my polish, I spend at least twenty minutes with nothing but nail oil soaking into my nails and cuticles.

A tip for those with super dry nails, according to the nail guru, Doug Schoon, heating the oil before application will help the oil really soak into those nails and cuticles.

I love this stuff!!!  Especially when I use it!