Gargantuan Green Grape – Take II



Finally!  I have swatched both colors, which share the same name – OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape!  Let’s call it ‘GGG.’  

As I posted previously, I have found it very interesting that OPI created two different colors and gave them the same name.



120413 bottom bottlesBoth are called GGG (#NL B44), and both are cream polishes, but the colors are very different.

One is a milky blue cream (obviously on the left) and the other is a true mint green cream.

Now, there is a matte version of GGG, however, it is simply a matte version of the polish on the far right.




I found the application to be typical of any OPI cream polish – the first coat goes on with a bit of streaking, but by coat two it provides a lovely, smooth application.  

The more I thought of this, the more perplexed I became… Why are there two very different colors with the same name?  Did OPI change the color?  Did one batch come out wrong?  I am correct to assume the mint green polish is the correct GGG?  When I look this color up on the OPI application,  it is the minty green color which represents GGG.

Will the the more important question… will the blue version of GGG be sold under a different name?  Why is this the more important question… because I love that blue polish and I need to purchase another bottle! 

1029 hand2

So, I called OPI this morning.   I have called their corporate office previously, when I had a question about a base coat (I wanted to know if Nail Envy for Dry and Brittle Nails was formaldehyde free?).  

After I spoke with the switchboard operator, she directed me to leave a detailed voicemail, which I did…. let’s see if I hear from them!

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