Twinkled T – new vinyls!

I love a good sale, who doesn’t?  But what really gets my motor running? Twinkled T’s grab bag sale!!  Once in awhile Twinkled T does a grab bag, and ladies, these grab bags are a-mazing!!  Not only did I receive sheets and sheets of vinyls, my grab bag included two stamping plates and some charms.


I was thrilled to discover some heart cyclone vinyls.  I wanted a polish which was deserving of these cute vinyls.  I chose one of my fall favorites, Purple Palazzo Pants  from OPI’s Venice Collection and KB Shimmer’s PT Young Thing.

I love these colors together, even though the effect is a little subtle unless you really look at my nails.

I still received more than a few compliments on this mani.



The next time I try this manicure, I think I will use a dark polish with KB Shimmer’s PT Young Thing.  Maybe a navy, or black…

I decided to take photos in my light box AND outside.  Although I love taking pictures in nature light, I still enjoy using my light box.  Especially at 11:45 at night.

And I do have a tendency to do nail art late at night.  But to my husband’s dismay.   He is always afraid I am not getting enough sleep.  What a honey to worry about me!!

Hope you like it!

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