It was the worst of times for my nails…Period. End of sentence.

I think I am going to change the name of my blog, from ‘Elizabeth Paints Her Nails,‘ to the more accurate name of, ‘Elizabeth Breaks Her Nails.’

Right after my last post, a customer at work asked me how I kept my nails looking nice when I worked retail.  She complained that her nails and cuticles were very dry, and tended to peel.  I too, suffer from the same complaints and was able to pass on some of the advice I have received from other bloggers and their web sites.

But really, every person needs to come up with their own nail care regime.  There are very few ‘one size fits all’ nail care advice, with the exception of things such as, ‘don’t bite your nails and/or cuticles.’

So… two days after I gave that customer some stellar advice, I broke a few nails.  And all breaks were due to things such as… peeling off my nails polish, using my nails as toe nail clipper, and finally, not wearing nail polish. 

I have come up with my list of Elizabeth’s Nail Commandments:

  • Thou shall not peel off my freaking nail polish!!  A terrible habit which has been with me since I was wee girl in school.  SOOOOOOooo bad for your nails;
  • Thou shall use tools to do thing such as open letters, trimming my nails, or even cutting my toe nails (I know, gross… and bad for my nails);
  • Thou shall keep my cuticles hydrated (apply cuticle oil at least twice a day, in the morning and at bed);
  • Thou shall carry a nail repair kit in thy purse (a small make up bag with nail file, clear nail polish and cuticle oil);
  • Thou shall wear gloves when doing dishes or other household activities (such as dusting); and finally

The last one may be the most important.  Whenever I admire a bloggers nails, I will check their site for any nail tips.  I cannot tell you how many recommend wearing polish as a great tool to keep your nails long and healthy.  This is especially important for those of us with dry nails.  I broke three nails at work on Tuesday night, and of course I was not wearing polish.

So, here is the gig.  For the next thirty (30) days, I am going to follow my commandments.  Let’s see if my nails will recover from this latest bout of neglect and abuse.




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