Lovely Leslie

Boy – is this not a beautiful lilac?


I know everyone talks about the two new collections by OPI (Hawaii and soft/sheer 2015), but Zoya’s new line is WOW!  Their spring line is amazing!

There are are only six colors in Delight 2015, and with the exception of a (and excuse the following) piss colored shimmer (I kid you knot!) the colors are amazing!

The first polish I had to grab was Leslie, this lovely lilac color.  Now, since I wear purple at work, I very rarely EVER wear purple/lilac polish.  It must be exceptional for me to wear it longer than the time it takes me to photograph the polish.  And I wore this for an entire DAY!

If you purchase only one of these spring colors, go with Leslie.  Plus, you can easily carry this pastel into winter months by adding some black (which looked amazing – but I had a polish mishap and never got any pictures).


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