Unforgiven… not the Clint Eastwood movie

whiteCan you hear that menacing whistling in the background?  You know the one which plays in all westerns prior to some sort of gun fight?

This polish, while beautiful, is a bad ass.

Now, Angel with a Leadfoot (part of the Mustang/OPI collaboration in 2014) is a perfect ‘paper’ white polish.

All white, all the time.  And it is a bitch and a half to clean up if you have any polish mishaps.  I mean, even with my best brush and straight acetone, it was horrific to clean up after I finished painting my nails.

BUT IT IS PERFECT!  I recommend using one of the latex barriers when using this polish, unless you are a master polish painter.

I will be sure to use this color again, but you can bet I will be spending more time focusing on applying this polish.

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