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Oh, happy day!  Spring has sprung and we are leaving those pesky winter months behind.  Usually, I enjoy the winter months.  The holidays, cozy sweaters, cuddling and cooler weather makes me very happy.

But this winter, my nails went to shit!!  Sorry for the language, but please understand… look at these poor babies!

I could not understand why my nails kept breaking, peeling, chipping, splitting and most importantly, my nail stopped growing.

I tried everything, see biotin supplement to the left.  But nothing worked.  Now, winter weather is very hard on our nails.  And if you have dry and peeling nails, winter is VERY harsh on your paws.
But, what was the largest, most critical contributor to poor nail appearance?  Me.

Here is what I learned, as amazing as Bliss Kiss Pure Hydrating Oil actually is, the oil won’t work if you don’t take it out of your kitchen cabinet!!!

My vat sized oil sat in my cabinet nearly all winter long.  So, three weeks ago I started oiling up my nails, again.  And holy cow… my nails grew back!!

I wished there was some magical lacquer out there which would give me the same results as Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Hydrating Oil.  But trust me, it ain’t out there.

Don’t waste your time… or money.  For dry, peeling nails, there is nothing on the market to give you results like Bliss Kiss.

FYI, the polishes above are OPI’s Got a Date To-Knight and Did You ‘Ear About VanGogh?


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