I adore Zoya nail polish!    Zoya was one of the first nail polish companies to go five-free.  And in my real, much less glitterly real life, I am around lots of pregnant women.  It is nice to be able to recommend a safe polish for anyone, but especially for those moms to be.


This manicure has two of my all time favorite Zoya Polishes!

My thumb and pinkie are wearing that fabu PixieDust Tomoko.  LOVE THIS ONE!  Bonus points, I was able to pick up another back up bottle of this beauty at ULTA a few weeks ago for $1.50!!  Clearance was fifty percent off, so my $3.00 steal became a felony at $1.50.

My chevron nails are Jacqueline and  Cole.  Of course, my chevrons were done with vinyls from Nail Vinyls.  Linda’s company is awesome!  I know, there are lots of vinyl makers all over instagram, but I am Linda fan.  Great customer service, and an all around fabulous lady.  Check her out if you have not been to her shop – http://nailvinyls.com/

Keep your fingers crossed that my nails will be back to their normal and fabulous length!  I am not asking for much, just back to the length before I crashed and burned.  Too bad I have to work, cook and clean.

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