Lay It on the Lime and Carnival Cotton Candy!



I am bummed.

I waited months to write a post about how I got my nails to be long and healthy.  I was feeling for lack of a better word – superstitious about writing such a post.  I mean, I was seriously concerned if I wrote something about this topic, all my nails would just crumble.

Well, only two crumbled.  Both index finger nails got horrid breaks!  What really makes me nuts, I had just read an article on Ana’s website about what to do if you break a nail.  Her best advice, don’t wait to get a broken nail – go ahead and purchase what you need to repair a nail before it breaks!

Yes, that was great advice.  And now, I do have not one, but two Orly nail repair kits.  I tried just using nail glue, but it did not do the trick.  So, the next few weeks I will coaxing some length out of my index finger nails.



Here is a shot of my poor little index nail.  On the bright side, this is the nail break I have had in months!!

So, I babying my index fingers.  I have gotten much better about wearing my gloves to do all housework and even wear gloves when I am at work and I have to open boxes.

Anyway, on to my manicure…  I started with that lovely bright white polish, OPI’s Alpine Snow.  And then I added two great Nicole by OPI colors – Lay It On the Lime and Carnival Cotton Candy.  Now, Cotton Candy is from the Carrie Underwood collection and Lime is from Nicole’s Summer 2014 collection.

Both colors are very rich in pigment, and when I added a base coat of white polish, it really made the colors POP.

Of course the clean designs are all due that patron saint of nail art junkies everywhere –    Linda of Linda’s Vinyls!

I used my regular chevrons and the new right angle vinyls.  Very cool indeed.

Keep my little ole’ index finger nails in your nail prayers!!  They are hurtin’!


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