I love white polish… but not just any white polish.

For instance, I love OPI’s Alpine Snow, I would never paint all ten digits and leave it plain.  The white is just too, flat and bright.  It reminds me of a paint primer.

But I love white polish with a hint of another hue to soften the brightness.






Polishes such as, OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls, are not only perfect for nail art, they can still be wore all on their own.  I have Yoga-Then-Yogurt, Nicole by OPI to this list.

OMG!  I adore this polish!

It was so easy to apply, which is an amazing feet of creamy white polishes!


Let’s add something to this lovely canvas…


As we say in my house… whaaa- chaaaa!

I used two colors, one by China Glaze, At Vase Value.  And Sinful Colors… the name has fallen off, so I have to guess the name is Why Not.

I used by go to nail art tool, Linda’s Vinyls and use two chevrons diagonally on my ring finger.  And use one straight vinyls on my index.

I added some dots, and here we are!




I added a few single chevrons to my thumb nail, I really like the design!

Many of my customer noticed this manicure!

I enjoyed it, but man, it was hard getting that bright blue off my nail and cuticles.


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