Simply Pure™ hydrating nail oil – IS THE BEST!!

Okay, I have been thinking of writing a post about growing out my nails.


This is a photo from December 2013, the photo below is from last week.  My nails are longer AND my cuticles look so nice (not to mention my photography skills have improved).

Right about the time I took the photo to the left, I wrote an entry which I stated a more accurate name for my blog would be elizabeth breaks her nails.

I have done some serious research and experiments on trying to get my nails long and healthy.   I think I have finally found the program that works for me!



I have dry and brittle nails, that love to peel and flake.  Before I came across products that worked for me, my nails used to love to break at the quick, or would right at the top due to flaking and peeling.  My dry skin makes for dry and crusty (ewwww! but it happens!) cuticles.

First, lets go over everything I did try:  nailtiques, formula 3, Nailtek, formula 3, Nailtek Hydration Therapy III, Nailtek CITRA 3, Seche Vite Perfect Nail Recondition, Mango Oil and lastly, and most expensive – T.I.P.S. Nail Strengthening Conditioner (nail oil).

Okay, after tons of money, time and patience spent, I finally came across the holy grail of nail education and information…

If you go to Ana’s site, it explains everything you need to know about growing healthy nails.


Pure™ Nail Oil – this is what changed my nails.  My cuticles were better within 24 hours.  And then, a few weeks later, I noticed my nail no longer were breaking at the the quick.

Now, my nails were still flaking at the very tip, so I was not getting the legnth I wanted.  So I went on face book and wrote a message to Mr. Nail himself, Doug Schoon.  I asked him for suggestions, once he realized I had super dry skin, he suggested warming the oil and doing a little warm oil treatment to my nails.  WOW!  It changed everything and fast!  Within a week my nails were not flaking… and before I knew it…


I had to start trimming my nails!!

I buy Ana’s nail oil by the vat!  Well, I buy it by the four ounce bottle.  And considering it lasts me for months, the $44.99 I spend is a bargin!

I use the oil two ways, first, whenever I change my polish, I give myself a mini hot oil treatment.

After all the polish is removed, and any cuticle grooming is finished, I scrub my nail with a nail brush and mild soap*.

I drop my nail oil pen in a cup of hot water for a few minutes, then I apply the oil to my clean nails.  Sometimes I wrap my hand and sit for thirty minutes to let the oil soak in, sometimes I only do five minutes.

I also I try to apply the nail oil everyday, at least once a day.  I try to for more.

I will write another post to sum up my other tips, but if I did not start with Ana’s oil, it would all be worthless!!

* side note: mild soap, this is very important if you have dry nails!  So many ladies wash their nails where they wash their dishes and use their dish soap as hand soap.  THIS WILL DRY OUT YOUR NAILS!  Your dish soap is designed to break down OIL  – this is great if you are cleaning a greasy frying pan!

When doing my manicures, I wash my hands with baby soap.  It is very mild and gentle.



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