OPI – Significant Other Color

I love the name of this polish…


This color was so difficult to photograph!


This is a metallic duochrome.

It is a light purple/lavender with a little pink thrown in for good measure.

But it has this wacky gold and green undertones, that make this polish very different from other polishes.

This photo was taken outside, so you can really see the purple and the shimmer in this shot.



insdie3Here is a shot in my lightbox.

I love this polish, but it does not love me!

I think this polish would look much better on me if I had a lovely tan.

And I have not had a tan since… hmmm.  Wow.  I cannot remember my last tan.

Sad, but true!!  It is Saturday morning, so I am need to get ready!  It’s a work day, I will leave here and be beaten up by the general public.  See y’all!


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