essie got the blues

For the record, I still really dislike the polish brush in the essie bottle.

bottleonlyBut I love these two blue polishes, both by essie, find me an oasis and truth or flare.

Oasis is on the left, truth is on the right, and smack in the middle in that favorite of all bloggers everywhere, China Glaze’s Fairy Dust.




All by itself, find me an oasis is a lovely creamy ice blue.  I used three coats in this picture.

Like many cream polishes, the first coat is horridly streaky.  But by the second, then the final third coat, the polish is smooth and opaque.

But I could not just leave this alone…

I added a little of nail art with the help of essie’s truth or flare.




Essie describes this color as a “vintage blue denim fit.”  WTF?

I describe this color as a cream slate blue.  I used Linda’s Vinyls to add the single chevrons on my thumb and middle finger, and also used some straight vinyls to add lines to my index finger.

I used a standard dotting tool to add the two dots on my pinky and ring finger.



After I finished the manicure, I decided to add that ole’ standby by China Glaze, Fairy Dust.

If you don’t own Fairy Dust – go buy it!

This is a great polish!  It is a clear topcoat with tiny different colored shimmery specks in it.

It is not too jammed packed with sparkle, so it does not alter or worse, hide your polish.  Just adds a lovely sparkle.  Who doesn’t love that?

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