My first thermal polish

I have never purchased a thermal nail polish, until Sunday night.



KPT, an indie brand based out of San Jose, California has teamed up with another indie, Serum No. 5 .  to sell boxes with a polish from each, and with extra goodies!

My favorite time sucker, Instagram, had postings of this amazing offer…



In this box I received a polish from KPT, another from Serum No. 5, plus tons of fun stuff – three envelopes of nail decorations, toe separators and a pen of cuticle oil!

Today, we are looking at KPT’s polish – Do You Want to Fanta?

Notice the orange tangerine color while the polish is in the bottle?  Then when I applied it, it turned a fabulous watermelon pink!!!





Check this out!  I dipped the tip of my fingers in cold water and it becomes this funky transition color with a little watermelon with orange tips!

This polish has a great formula!  I was a little worried… that formula would have been sacrificed for the color change, but nope.  Great formula – I did use three coats (because as y’all know, I am three coat type of gal!

It’s Friday!  And I have the day off!  Maybe a trip to Ulta could happen…

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