essie’s go ginza



First of all… What is a ginza?  And where is it going?

Who cares about a name?  We are talking about the very lovely, soft lavender beauty that is go ginza.

I really like this color!

This polish has been hanging out in my essie box for weeks!!  But it never really caught my attention.





After having three manicures crash and burn (yes, THREE HORRID MANICURES), I needed something safe.

So I grabbed this very plain and what I assumed was your run of the mill lavender.

I do not know if it is the color that is so fabulous, or if it just works really well with my fish belly white skin tone.

I could not stop admiring the color!



I added some stripes, because that is what I do!

OPI’s Alpine White and Do You Lilac It both looked very nice along side of go ginza.

I used my Linda’s vinyls, from the straight sheet.  I love these stripe manicures!

I think the simplicity of the stripes gives the manicure a simple, but classy look.  And I can use all the classy I can get!

Tomorrow… I feel something a little more bold coming on.  But who knows what I will end up wearing!  I never know until I sit down at my nail table (otherwise known as the kitchen table).

See y’all soon!  Thanks for stopping by!


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