Meet the Parents by essie

pix3I love blue nail polish!  I have a million different blues  to play with!

This blue is one of my favorites!  Meet the parents is a lovely medium slate blue with just a kiss of white to keep it from being too dark.

I am also sporting essie in blance.

An as usual, my go to accent nail is that fabu color – This Gown Needs a Crown, with a coat of In True Stefani Fashion.

My lovely chevrons are of course courtesy of Linda’s Vinyls.

I usually include the link to Linda’s shop, but she is the middle of doing some work on her site.   But it should be up shortly.



I love these blues with the white and silver!!  It just gives it such a clean look.

And here is a random question – why does essie not use capitalization?  on their name or any of their polish names?

Do they think they are ee cummings?

It’s Friday, so  you know what that means… my work week is just beginning.  Ick.

Enjoy your weekend peeps!


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