OPI’s – Miss Piggy’s Big Number!


The problem with being so amazingly fish belly white pale… is finding polish that works with my skin tone, and not against it.

I cannot tell you how I moan and groan over deep reds, bright orange corals and lush sparkly nudes, that look so horrid on my hands it is an act of heaven above that the polish does not hurl itself off my kitchen table to sacrifice itself rather than stay on my fingers.

Deep blues, are also on the sacrifice list.

Side note, kelly green – that strong primary color green – looks so bad on me!  And that was one of my high school colors!  Lucky for me by the time my senior year came around our school had moved from that crayon green to a much friendly and fashion forward forest green.

Back to polish… Imagine my surprise when I saw some swatches on that time sucker, Instagram, which showed other pale women wearing this bright, blue metallic.

So, I purchased OPI’s Miss Piggy’s Big Number (from the latest Muppets collection).

handonlyI was so happy!  And usually when I get excited about a polish, I am so often disappointed, but not this time!

First, application is a breeze!!  It was a little streaky, but nothing that was not easily fixed with a second coat of this lovely blue metallic polish!

I added some stars from my latest purchase from Linda’s Vinyls (I purchased the variety pack and one pack of stars).   I love these vinyls!

The stars were done with OPI’s Alpine White and This Gown Needs a Crown.

The manicure was finished with a coat of G & G HK Girl Super Shiny, Fast Drying Top Coat.

If y’all have not purchased from Linda’s Vinyls or HK Top Coat – shame on you!  These products are awesome!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!  I hope none of you are having to serve the public, like me, all weekend long.  I am actually turning off my computer to go upstairs and get ready to slay that retail dragon.  Wish me luck!

See y’all soon!  Thanks for stopping by!


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