Finally! OPI’s Sheer Tints




Okay – I have been waiting for OPI’s newest product, Sheer Tint Top Coat with great patience.

Finally!  I am rewarded.

These are too cool!

Basically, it is a typical top coat, but instead of being clear, there is a slight tint to the clear coat.





I started my manicure as always, with a coat of OPI Ridge Filler.  I have horridly deep grooves in my nails, and OPI has the best ridge filler.

I added two coats of Don’t Violet Me Down.  Then one coat of In True Stefani Fashion  – which may be my favorite glitter polish EVER.

[The picture to the right was taken in direct sunlight, I wanted to show the squishy-ness of this polish.]





[This picture was taken in the shade – this polish looks different depending on your light.]

I finally added one more coat of tint and then a quick dry coat of G&G HK Girl Top Coat.

Now, the real measure of this manicure… its purple and I still like it!!

I wear purple at my retail drone job, every damn day.  SO if I wear a purple polish, you know I must really like it!

What do you think?

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