A little stamping here… a little stamping there…

Okay, March was the month of the stamp for me!

pix1 I loved this one!  I love a french gradient.  I could do an entire month of manicures, doing nothing but variations of french manicures.

I used Bubble Bath and Alpine Snow, two OPI polishes that are old standbys for a reason.

Word of warning, it took more than once or twice to get this gradient at the level I wanted.

Stamping was done using my usual favorite stamping plate, UberChic’s 1-02.

I used my Konad double stamper.



Now, I finally had some luck using a different stamper!!  Alert the media!!  I ordered a clear jelly stamper from a place which happens to be called, clearjellystamper.  I used the Infinite Flower plate.

The base of this manicure is OPI’s Show Us Your Tips from the New Orleans collection.

All polishes used on this manicure are OPI, and there are too many to name!!



Lastly, is the one I called a nail fail!!

Why?  It is too goophy!!  I don’t know how it got to be so thick and icky, but it did!!  The gradient was done with all OPI colors, Alpine Snow, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian.

Stamping was done with my trusty Konad double stamper.  I used both Rica’s Blackout and Uber Chic stamping plate 1-1.

Ta – da!!!!

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