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I have always enjoyed thumbing through Vogue, and other fashion magazines.  Now, I am in no way in the market for anything that magazine sells, but I still love looking at all the amazingly creative ideas that come from today’s fashion industry.  Sure, there is lots wrong with the fashion industry, but that does not stop me from drooling over shoes and bags and dresses and tops.

The latest edition of Vogue had a lovely dress that caught the eye of the maniac nail artist in me…

The Kaylee dress is by Antonio Melani.  I saw it and all I could think was, “GRADIENT!”

And I was off to my helmers, to find the near perfect polish to try and copy this look.  It took four polishes, but I think I did a pretty good job!


I started with one of my newest polish finds, Serendipity in Peace Love and Sandy Feet.  This is a really lovely peachy, nude-neutral which I need to wear all by itself soon.    Then I did the gradient with all four polishes: Serendipity in Peace Love, OPI in Get Myself into a Jam-balaya, Zoya in Dot and essie back in the limo!

I used UberChic Collection 5, plate 3 for the stamping design along with Rica’s Whiteout.

I topped it off with HKGirl by Glisten & Glow.

Okay, I know this is my own work, but I really liked this manicure!!  First of all, I usually suck at gradients, and I was beyond pleased with myself that I managed to successfully translate the look of dress onto my nail.  But I also just thought it was a very pretty manicure!


What do you think?

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