Stamping Machine!

No, there is no new stamping machine on the market, I am referring to myself of late.  I wanted to share two manicures, both done with my slightly improved stamping skills…


This first manicure features polish from OPI’s newest collection – New Orleans.  This collection is actually referred to as Spring – Summer 2016, so I predict we won’t be seeing any large collections until Fall/Winter.  I am sure OPI will delight us with some smaller collection until such time.

The base for this manicure is a lovely Let Me Bayou a Drink and stamping was done in Spare Me a French Quarter.

Lately, I have been topping my manicures with KB Shimmer’s Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat.   My stamping design is from UberChic stamping plate Collection 5, plate number 2.


My next manicure features one of my favorite indie polishes, Enchanted Polish.  Now, these polishes are as amazing, as they are difficult to purchase!!

These polishes sell out unbelievably fast!  I am pleased to announce I was able to purchase all twelve months of 2015!!  This little gem to the right, is August 2015.  I added a stamping design from the same plate, UberChic stamping plate Collection 5, plate 2.

My stamping polish Rica’s Blackout, if you are stamping and you do not have any of Rica’s stamping polishes – RUN, don’t walk to your computer and order some of her amazing polishes!  I love giving my hard earn dollars to small businesses, especially those that are run by women.

I have to say, the Enchanted Polish price is not for the faint of heart… but these polishes are very unique and oh, the formula!!!  The only polish with a better formula is Dior.  And Dior does not come out with such amazing color palate!

What do you think?

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