Cinderella – all the way around!

Have you ever done a manicure and thought, “Yeah, it’s okay.”

And you post on it on Instagram, and everyone LOVES it!!

I finally got a chance to play with my new Fairytale-01 – UberChic Nail Stamping Plate.  I had some amazing nail fails of epic proportion while using this plate on several occasions.  Now, the fault of all nail fails lies right here with me y’all, don’t go hating the plate!!

pix2I started with Sinful Color’s Cinderella on my middle and ring finger.  Then I used OPI’s My Favorite Ornament on the rest of my digits.

I used the Fairytale plate for the Cinderella and the wording.

I used my Love Love and Marriage 01 – Stamping Plate for the rest of the fingers.

Then, I used an old standby, Seche Vite to set the manicure quickly, before I managed to screw it up!  With so much stamping, I was fully ready to screw up one of my nails.  But, ta-da!!

I like this manicure, I was just shocked at the love it received.  I am not complaining, just a little surprised!!

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