A little Glisten & Glow



Oh, how I do love a sparkly manicure!

One of my favorite sparkly nail polishes has been discontinued!  Gasp!  Oh, the horror!! (I love how this freaks me out… like I do not have a million other sparkly polishes!)

Mirrorball by Orly, is one of those rare polishes which managed to actually live up to the social media hype!  It was all over the place, so I was fully prepared to be disappointed when I finally got my hands on it.  Surprise!  I loved it!!

And lucky for me, one of my peeps on Insta-crack gave us Atlanta ladies the heads up on Mirrorball’s discontinuance.  And she also gave me the 411 on Sally’s Beauty Supply clearance sale.  So, I was able to score, not one, but two Mirrorballs!!  And for the low price of $2.10 each!!  All clearance was an additional seventy-five percent off.  I love those sales!

pix1So, I started with Glisten & Glow It was all a Dream (please note the absence of a link, because, like Mirrorball, this color is no longer available, as it was a part of The Holo Hookup November box!!).

On my ring finger I added that gem, Mirrorball by Orly.

Then, I decided I needed a little something, so I pulled out my stamping kit.  I am still trying to get my clear stamper to work, but lucky for me, my trusty Konad Double Ended Stamper works like a champ!  I used the UberChic stamping plate Collection 1-03, with my Rica Blackout Stamping Polish.  And again – I LOVE UberChic stamping plates.

On top, I used Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Top Coat.

Warning, I had a little bit of staining on my nails due to the high pigment of It was all a Dream, but it came off – easy peasey!  My usual manicure routine washed that staining right off my nails!!

What do you think?  Will you miss Mirrorball??  I am still in mourning over Glistening Snow by China Glaze!  I never did get my hands on one of those bastards!!

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