Call Off the Search Part II


Last year I found the perfect creamy baby pink nail polish – and it became opaque in 2 coats!

It was a banner day!!  Peachtree Polish’s Pink Dogwood  by Bonny’s Beauty is the perfect baby-pink cream nail polish, opaque in 2 coats, although some say you can even get this polish opaque in one coat!!

I was thrilled to find this polish!  I cannot begin to count how many polishes I purchased in the hopes of finding an opaque baby pink, and instead I have gobs and gobs and oh yes, gobs of sheer baby pink polishes!!


And now, I have another true nail polish find…the perfect bright pink nail polish!!  Instacrack, or Instagram, I saw a manicure done with Serendipity’s Pink Poinsettia, and it took my breath away!!

It’s so pretty!!  It is opaque in one coat, but you know me ladies, I gotta do at least two or I start shaking!

It goes on like a dream!  Formula is awesome, color is rich and fully pigmented.  I even love the damn bottle this polish comes in!!  I love a heavy bottle, I don’t know why, I just do!!

Even though this polish easily stands all my itself, I had to do a black and white accent nail.


I used OPI’s old standby, Alpine White and added some zebra stripes in You Can Never Have Too Mani Friends.  Of course I used Twinkled T’s zebra vinyls.

And my top coat was a free gift from Serendipity, Finishing Touch.

Do you like?  I like it!!  Have a great day!


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