Last of the Valentine’s Day Manicures and a Sale!!

I am not a huge Valentine’s Day lady.  My hubby is one of those one in a million men who always do sweet things for me (no, I have no clue how I managed to score such a gem, except I am nice to him).   Why is my guy the best?

  1. Tim brings me flowers for no reason at all;
  2. Tim will fetch me a diet coke when I am working on my nail art and I am too lazy to walk downstairs to the kitchen;
  3. He scratches my back;
  4. He loves my mother who lives with us (but Marge is a gem too, so she is easy to love);
  5. He is an amazing father to our special needs son.

So, Valentine’s Day is not necessary for us to express our affection for one another, but it give me a chance to do lots of girly nail art!!

pix1I adore Zoya’s PixieDust Nail Lacquer.  I mean, it rocks!!  It lasts forever and is so easy to apply.

I used Noir and Tomoko, both PixieDust Nail Lacquer for my manicure.  The heart cyclone is from Twinkled T.  I really enjoy using these vinyls!  The selection from Twinkled T is awesome!!

Now, here is the exciting news… Zoya’s having a buy one, get one free sale !!  So do the math kids, polish comes out to be about $5 each – call the cops!!  It’s a steal!

Zoya’s Blog describes the promotion in detail.  Basically, go to Zoya’s website and buy any nail polish and you’ll get a second of your choice FREE, NOW through 2/19/16 (11:59pm EST). Plus, get FREE Shipping on orders over $30!  Just use the promotion code: ZLOVE.

I love their polish.  Of course, I also worship Zoya’s Remove Plus (nail polish remover).  I received two huge containers for Christmas.  Best present ever.

Okay – so check out Zoya!  Show them some love and save some $$$$.

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