Why I love Bliss Kiss Simply Pure™ Hydrating Nail Oil!

Nothing like a retail job combined with a few holidays to really screw up my nails!!  And, to add insult to injury we had inventory the week after Christmas!!  All this equaled nails that had been to hell and back!!

It was time to break out my Bliss Kiss Simply Pure™ Hydrating Nail Oil!!  This oil is the most important factor in helping me maintain any nail growth.   I decided a new year, deserves new nails, so I CUT the hell out of my nails.  I mean, nubs!!  Short nubs!

And, it was time for my poor little nubs to go naked!!  I followed Ana’s awesome instructions as detailed on Ana’s nail care website.

1 5 2016 leftOn January 1, I cut my nails down to nothing, and did my three day naked session.  I oiled the crap out of them, and as the days went on, I needed to oil my nails less and less.  By the end of the three days, my cuticles looked better, but I had lost some nail growth.  Don’t panic!

If you have really dry nails like me, you will lose some length during the three naked days!

1 12 2016 left

Don’t freak out!!  The length I lost was ‘poor quality’ at best.

Second week… Look at my fabulous cuticles!!

Now, I do not have much growth, but the growth I had was healthy!

1 19 2016 left

Week Three: Now, I am feeling it!!

Look at the length on these puppies!!

Now, very important… while these photos I am only wearing nail oil, I CONSTANTLY WORE NAIL POLISH DURING THIS MONTH!


1 26 2016 left inside

As great as Pure Nail Oil by Bliss Kiss is, you must wear nail polish if you want your nails to grow.  Ana’s website explains this much better than I can…

And here is week four!!

I am so pleased with the growth of my nails.

Let’s look at Cindy…



My right hand takes much abuse!!  I tend to keep the nails a little shorter than my left.

I like the length of both hands right now, and I do not know if I will let my nails get much longer, because I can manage this length without much upkeep.

But oiling my nails is so easy!  I keep my pens all over the place.

When I change my polish, I try to take the time to do a mini hot oil treatment (I drop my pen into a cup of hot water).  I got this suggestion from Mr. Doug Schoon!!  This is particularly important for those ladies with dry and flaking nails.

Remember – keep your digits painted with some sort of polish (at least two coats) and keep oiling your nails and cuticles!!  You won’t regret it!

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