China Glaze – Too Yacht To Handle

I had to hunt this little beauty down! I could not find this at any of my nearby Sally’s or Ulta locations. No luck. Finally, I ordered this online.  Before my passion for nail polish took on a life of its own, I rarely ordered anything online. Not anymore!  I love ordering online!     Too Yacht to Handle is a beauty! It reminds me, dare I say that poorly named polish… essie’s mint candy apple. Now, as with all creamy pastel polishes, you need to do at least two coats.  I used three, and was very pleased with the … Continue reading China Glaze – Too Yacht To Handle

China Glaze – The Giver

  China Glaze has done a collaboration with the movie, The Giver. I know nothing about this film, but the polish display made me stop and admire the polishes! Of course, I purchased a pale pink and a blue cream.  Jesus, I need a support group for my pink and blue polish addiction. This rich blue is called Capacity to Sea Beyond.  Very blue and very pretty. Doesn’t it photograph so well?   One problem, I wore this polish for just about two hours.  And when I took the polish off, there was staining. Now, I wear TWO base coats. … Continue reading China Glaze – The Giver

I Love Applause by OPI

I thought the Muppets and OPI collection was super!! There was Miss Piggy’s Big Number, a fabulous shimmery blue.  The peachy-pink cream of Chillin Like a Villain is so rich.  And there is a super glitter called, Let’s Do Anything We Want. But, I thought this delicate pink, I Love Applause is just too lovely. I have seen this polish described as a crelly or a cream.  I could not decide which I agree with more.     This polish is so really lovely! I just wish it was a little more richer in pigment.  It is a little to … Continue reading I Love Applause by OPI

Sweet Memories by OPI

I am a sucker for a good creamy blue nail polish.  My other weakness, I cannot walk by a new pink cream nail polish. I am constantly on the hunt for that perfect pink cream polish.  Not too bubble gum, not too sheer, and no where to be found. However, I search for the perfect cream pink polish, I have purchased some really nice pink cream polishes.. the latest is Sweet Memories by OPI.   I like Sweet Memories, but I don’t love it.  And that is no crime in my stash.  After all, I have tons of polish I … Continue reading Sweet Memories by OPI

OPI – Coca-Cola Collection

OPI’s collaboration with Coca-Cola has been awesome!!  This polish is called, “Sorry, I’m Fizzy Today.”  A rich and lovely, deep pinky-coral color.  I love this color!     Best coral/pink of the summer!! I wore three coats because I am a three coat color lady. My chevrons were done with the other Coca-Cola color in my collection, You’re So Vain-illa. Check out those perfect chevrons!!!! Whoo hoooo!  Love this manicure!

OPI – Significant Other Color

I love the name of this polish… This color was so difficult to photograph! This is a metallic duochrome. It is a light purple/lavender with a little pink thrown in for good measure. But it has this wacky gold and green undertones, that make this polish very different from other polishes. This photo was taken outside, so you can really see the purple and the shimmer in this shot.     Here is a shot in my lightbox. I love this polish, but it does not love me! I think this polish would look much better on me if I … Continue reading OPI – Significant Other Color

Ta-Da! It’s a Gradient… sort of

My tale of woe begins about a year ago, when I really started to paint and therefore take care of my nails.   After I did dot manicures, and a few stripes, I tried to do a gradient. I failed horridly!! Here is a strange fact, I can do water marbling, but I cannot do gradients.  I have read every article, and I have watched every video, but alas, no success. But, today… I was almost successful! I know it is not where near perfect, but it is the best I have done, so I went ahead and posted it! … Continue reading Ta-Da! It’s a Gradient… sort of

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around!

Can you tell I am getting tired of summer colors?  I do not think I could ever follow any strict polish rules – such as, pastels for spring, muted dark shades for fall, dark colors for winter and bright colors for summer. I just want to wear whatever calls to me.  Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is from OPI’s very popular Brazil line for Summer 2014.  I adore this color! This color is a lovely pink-kissed beige.  It sounds boring, but it looks really nice! The picture to the left was taken in my light box. But, I also was … Continue reading Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around!

OPI’s and Coca-Cola

When I first heard about Coca-Cola and OPI getting together to do a nail polish collection… I was not excited. I mean, did you see the baseball collection?  Yesh.  Let us just say, I had not problem walking by that display!! The Coke and OPI collection is nothing to pass by!  It is quite the collection! I started my Coke collection with a lovely neutral, called You’re So Vain-Illa. This is not an easy color to photograph, and I really wanted to show the depth of this color. Obviously, this light beige creme was inspired by Vanilla Coke. Because of … Continue reading OPI’s and Coca-Cola

Pink affair continues… with Bela!

As I was saying… lots of pink in my stash! Once in awhile, I need a break from chevrons, glitter, dots, stripes, stars, hearts… and I need a nice quiet polish. And that is Bela by Zoya, for sure! This is a very sheer by peachy/pink milky creme base – is this polish a ‘crelly?‘ Regardless, it would be lovely for a French manicure.     I was very happy I was able to take a shot of this polish outside, because it really shows the soft pinky-peach color. Every stash needs a sheer pink, and I would highly recommend Bela … Continue reading Pink affair continues… with Bela!