Nail Vinyls!

I cannot do free hand art to save my life!  I am not pretending to be humble, I cannot paint anything on my nails outside of some dots.  Which is why I love nail vinyls! I purchase my nail vinyls from two suppliers, today’s manicure was done with some serious help from Linda from NailVinyls. The first purchase of vinyls I ever made, was from Linda’s site, so she holds a special place in my heart.  She has an awesome site, and a great selection of vinyls.  Easy peasy to use, which for people such as me (I am ‘nail art … Continue reading Nail Vinyls!

Lovely Leslie

Boy – is this not a beautiful lilac? I know everyone talks about the two new collections by OPI (Hawaii and soft/sheer 2015), but Zoya’s new line is WOW!  Their spring line is amazing! There are are only six colors in Delight 2015, and with the exception of a (and excuse the following) piss colored shimmer (I kid you knot!) the colors are amazing! The first polish I had to grab was Leslie, this lovely lilac color.  Now, since I wear purple at work, I very rarely EVER wear purple/lilac polish.  It must be exceptional for me to wear it … Continue reading Lovely Leslie

Unforgiven… not the Clint Eastwood movie

Can you hear that menacing whistling in the background?  You know the one which plays in all westerns prior to some sort of gun fight? This polish, while beautiful, is a bad ass. Now, Angel with a Leadfoot (part of the Mustang/OPI collaboration in 2014) is a perfect ‘paper’ white polish. All white, all the time.  And it is a bitch and a half to clean up if you have any polish mishaps.  I mean, even with my best brush and straight acetone, it was horrific to clean up after I finished painting my nails. BUT IT IS PERFECT!  I … Continue reading Unforgiven… not the Clint Eastwood movie

Chiffon My Mind

   OPI does a sheer/soft polish line every spring.  Usually there a couple colors that are so fabulous they make their way into the permanent collection.  I predict Chiffon My Mind will be making that move. Chiffon My Mind is just lovely! It is hard to describe, and harder to get a good accurate picture.  This is  a lovely white/subtle pink with a slight blue shimmer throughout. I used three coats, and I loved it! I hear lots of bridal comments when this polish is mentioned, but I feel like this is a great work polish for those of you … Continue reading Chiffon My Mind


Oh, happy day!  Spring has sprung and we are leaving those pesky winter months behind.  Usually, I enjoy the winter months.  The holidays, cozy sweaters, cuddling and cooler weather makes me very happy. But this winter, my nails went to shit!!  Sorry for the language, but please understand… look at these poor babies! I could not understand why my nails kept breaking, peeling, chipping, splitting and most importantly, my nail stopped growing. I tried everything, see biotin supplement to the left.  But nothing worked.  Now, winter weather is very hard on our nails.  And if you have dry and peeling nails, … Continue reading Spring!

Christmas brings… nail breakage! D’oh!

As you know, my favorite place to get lots of great advice on your nails, is Ana’s website  Ana of  Simply Pure Hydrating Oil fame, one of my absolute favorite nail aids. You also may have hear me complain about my dry, and peeling nails.  Ana’s products, and her awesome advice has made a world of difference when it comes to the getting any sort of length to my usual little nubs. The best article on that site is titled, “How to Stop Breaking Your Nails (”  Which brings me to today’s manicure…. Yes, I am back to my little … Continue reading Christmas brings… nail breakage! D’oh!

Funky French!

My affection for funky french manicures is still strong!!  I follow so many super talented ladies on Instagram, one of which is @cassondrafaye.  She posted the most amazing french manicure, that I had to copy.  But of course I gave her credit!     I started with one coat of essie’s sugar daddy, then one coat of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust.  This looks so nice, it could be a look all by itself. I am going to use these polishes and do a semi-negative space manicure in the next few weeks. Then I added one strip of OPI’s My First Knockwurst, … Continue reading Funky French!

piCture pOlish – tiffany

  I love this brand!! I just wish it was a little easier to purchase!  Picture Polish is an Australian nail polish company, that rocks! You can purchase these polishes from llarowe (, color4nails, and the last package for piCture pOlish came all the way from nailpolishcanada. Yes, you read that last name correctly. My last purchase of this brand came from that great northern country.   I love this polish!  The formula is insanely good.  The colors are so damn rich. Please ignore the boo-boo on my ring finger, ouch!!  It is still a little angry and sore. This is … Continue reading piCture pOlish – tiffany

China Glaze – The Giver Collection

I have adored China Glaze’s collection for The Giver.  The colors have been just awesome!  Three of the collection are in my top ten for 2014! This very pale pink (it is really white, with a hint of baby pink) – Friends Forever, Right? The soft khaki is called Five Rules. I used some of Nail Vinyls, the right angle ones are pretty new and I am enjoying the many ways to use these vinyls. I adore this pale pink color, it is just lovely!!  It is a perfect color to add with other colors.   This is in my … Continue reading China Glaze – The Giver Collection


I adore Zoya nail polish!    Zoya was one of the first nail polish companies to go five-free.  And in my real, much less glitterly real life, I am around lots of pregnant women.  It is nice to be able to recommend a safe polish for anyone, but especially for those moms to be. This manicure has two of my all time favorite Zoya Polishes! My thumb and pinkie are wearing that fabu PixieDust Tomoko.  LOVE THIS ONE!  Bonus points, I was able to pick up another back up bottle of this beauty at ULTA a few weeks ago for … Continue reading Zoya!!