A little stamping here… a little stamping there…

Okay, March was the month of the stamp for me!  I loved this one!  I love a french gradient.  I could do an entire month of manicures, doing nothing but variations of french manicures. I used Bubble Bath and Alpine Snow, two OPI polishes that are old standbys for a reason. Word of warning, it took more than once or twice to get this gradient at the level I wanted. Stamping was done using my usual favorite stamping plate, UberChic’s 1-02. I used my Konad double stamper.   Now, I finally had some luck using a different stamper!!  Alert the media!! … Continue reading A little stamping here… a little stamping there…

Fashion Inspiration

I have always enjoyed thumbing through Vogue, and other fashion magazines.  Now, I am in no way in the market for anything that magazine sells, but I still love looking at all the amazingly creative ideas that come from today’s fashion industry.  Sure, there is lots wrong with the fashion industry, but that does not stop me from drooling over shoes and bags and dresses and tops. The latest edition of Vogue had a lovely dress that caught the eye of the maniac nail artist in me… The Kaylee dress is by Antonio Melani.  I saw it and all I could … Continue reading Fashion Inspiration

Stamping Machine!

No, there is no new stamping machine on the market, I am referring to myself of late.  I wanted to share two manicures, both done with my slightly improved stamping skills… This first manicure features polish from OPI’s newest collection – New Orleans.  This collection is actually referred to as Spring – Summer 2016, so I predict we won’t be seeing any large collections until Fall/Winter.  I am sure OPI will delight us with some smaller collection until such time. The base for this manicure is a lovely Let Me Bayou a Drink and stamping was done in Spare Me a French … Continue reading Stamping Machine!

Cinderella – all the way around!

Have you ever done a manicure and thought, “Yeah, it’s okay.” And you post on it on Instagram, and everyone LOVES it!! I finally got a chance to play with my new Fairytale-01 – UberChic Nail Stamping Plate.  I had some amazing nail fails of epic proportion while using this plate on several occasions.  Now, the fault of all nail fails lies right here with me y’all, don’t go hating the plate!! I started with Sinful Color’s Cinderella on my middle and ring finger.  Then I used OPI’s My Favorite Ornament on the rest of my digits. I used the Fairytale … Continue reading Cinderella – all the way around!

A little Glisten & Glow

  Oh, how I do love a sparkly manicure! One of my favorite sparkly nail polishes has been discontinued!  Gasp!  Oh, the horror!! (I love how this freaks me out… like I do not have a million other sparkly polishes!) Mirrorball by Orly, is one of those rare polishes which managed to actually live up to the social media hype!  It was all over the place, so I was fully prepared to be disappointed when I finally got my hands on it.  Surprise!  I loved it!! And lucky for me, one of my peeps on Insta-crack gave us Atlanta ladies the … Continue reading A little Glisten & Glow

Call Off the Search Part II

Last year I found the perfect creamy baby pink nail polish – and it became opaque in 2 coats! It was a banner day!!  Peachtree Polish’s Pink Dogwood  by Bonny’s Beauty is the perfect baby-pink cream nail polish, opaque in 2 coats, although some say you can even get this polish opaque in one coat!! I was thrilled to find this polish!  I cannot begin to count how many polishes I purchased in the hopes of finding an opaque baby pink, and instead I have gobs and gobs and oh yes, gobs of sheer baby pink polishes!! And now, I have … Continue reading Call Off the Search Part II

Last of the Valentine’s Day Manicures and a Sale!!

I am not a huge Valentine’s Day lady.  My hubby is one of those one in a million men who always do sweet things for me (no, I have no clue how I managed to score such a gem, except I am nice to him).   Why is my guy the best? Tim brings me flowers for no reason at all; Tim will fetch me a diet coke when I am working on my nail art and I am too lazy to walk downstairs to the kitchen; He scratches my back; He loves my mother who lives with us (but Marge … Continue reading Last of the Valentine’s Day Manicures and a Sale!!

OPI – Hello Kitty!!

The OPI Hello Kitty Collection is amazing!!  And I mean, AMAZING!!   As you may realize, I adore a good pink polish, and this collection has more than a few!  Plus, a few other great colors.  Plus… c’mon, how cute are these bottles? Aren’t this bottles sooo cute?  The little Hello Kitty wrap on the handle is a nice touch!! The collection has some great pinks, but also, get a load of this red polish!! 5 Apples Tall, for those of us who don’t follow Hello Kitty lore, is actually the answer to the burning question, “How tall is Hello … Continue reading OPI – Hello Kitty!!

Chase that damn Unicorn!!

Now, just because I was not posting photos and blogging while my nails were growing back from my ‘nub all the nails’ fit… that did not mean I was not shopping for nail polish!!  C’mon ladies!!  Do I have a pulse?  I am buying polish!!   I saw this color online and I had a mini stroke. Say hello to Chasing a Unicorn, a new polish from Colors by llarowe. I love these delicate holo polishes!!  Don’t get me wrong, I like those punch you in the face holos that cannot be ignored, but I really cannot help but be … Continue reading Chase that damn Unicorn!!

Why I love Bliss Kiss Simply Pure™ Hydrating Nail Oil!

Nothing like a retail job combined with a few holidays to really screw up my nails!!  And, to add insult to injury we had inventory the week after Christmas!!  All this equaled nails that had been to hell and back!! It was time to break out my Bliss Kiss Simply Pure™ Hydrating Nail Oil!!  This oil is the most important factor in helping me maintain any nail growth.   I decided a new year, deserves new nails, so I CUT the hell out of my nails.  I mean, nubs!!  Short nubs! And, it was time for my poor little nubs … Continue reading Why I love Bliss Kiss Simply Pure™ Hydrating Nail Oil!